Puscifer Is Doing a Livestream Concert From Arcosanti Friday

The good news: Puscifer will perform at Arcosanti, the experimental community just a short hop north of metro Phoenix.

The bad news: You can’t go.

The good news: You can livestream the show tomorrow, Friday, October 30.

The concert is a celebration of the band’s fourth LP, Existential Reckoning, which also arrives Friday, and Puscifer contributor Carina Round says that Arcosanti is the perfect backdrop for the songs on the album.

“It’s in the middle of thousands of acres in the hostile Arizona desert. It just kind of felt like you landed on Mars or woke up at the edge of the world,” she says. “And I think a venue like that for this record — the music is ominous and eerie and mysterious — I think as opposed to just doing it in a theater or a venue, we decided wanted to do it somewhere that would add another dimension.”

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Puscifer is kinda-sorta the solo project of Tool frontman/Arizona winemaker Maynard James Keenan, but the England-born Round has been involved for more than a decade. She says Existential Reckoning has been five years in the making.

“But we started really rolling the ball at around June of 2019. … Mat [Mitchell] and I were gone to Arizona for a few weeks to capture Maynard’s stuff and just generally be away from L.A. and have this 360-degree view of Arizona, the northern Arizona mountains, and metaphorically open a window and get a breeze in the room. And then we would come back to L.A., and we have a studio with two separate rooms and we do our own work, looking through the window at each other.”

Keenan announced that Puscifer would have an album dropping in late 2020 earlier this year, a release that not even the pandemic could stop.

“No deadline was ever changed because of it,” Round says. “It was always just like, we’re still working on it and we’re still delivering it on that day, so get to work.”

She has a few favorites on the album: “‘Bread and Circus’ was a big one for me even before the vocals were put on there. Melodically it’s gorgeous; the movements, it’s beautiful. That was the one that hit me early on, and once the vocals were on there, it was even better. And ‘Fake Affront’ was kind of unexpected for me. That was one of the ones where we were working on it as one thing for a long time and then all of a sudden it completely changed. It was like a different song, but it was new and it was great.”

Arcosanti has a lot of experience being a concert venue; the FORM festival was held there for several years.EXPAND

Arcosanti has a lot of experience being a concert venue; the FORM festival was held there for several years.

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If it’s safe to tour and the world opens back up, Round says a tour in 2021 isn’t out of the question. But in the meantime, fans can tune in to what Round says will be a concert event not to be missed.

“They can expect the unexpected, she says. “Without giving anything away, it’s gonna be fucking cool.”

Existential Reckoning: Live From Arcosanti will debut at 3 p.m. Arizona time on Friday, October 30, and will remain on demand for 72 hours. Cost is $25, and there are a number of expanded packages available, including concert access plus a T-shirt ($50), access plus a poster ($55), and access plus a hoodie ($70). For more details, visit the Puscifer Live website.