Now Closed: Chzburgr in Glendale

Chzburgr, a burger joint near Arizona State University’s west campus, announced Monday it has permanently closed. The west Valley restaurant, located at 4920 West Thunderbird Road, suite 119, in Glendale, was overseen by Kelly Fletcher, the former executive chef of House of Tricks in Tempe. It opened in summer 2019.

COVID was cited as the culprit.

“We, like many small restaurants and businesses have been devastated by the terrible effects of this pandemic,” reads the announcement posted to Chzburgr’s social media accounts. “This decision was not made hastily nor without dozens of conversations and round table meetings.”

The eatery was known for simple combo meals of fries and burger, as well as imaginative menu items like breaded fried chicken thigh, sweet potato gaufrette, calabrain chili, and Nutella milkshakes.

Fletcher left one more note on the restaurant’s closing announcement.

“If I had one wish, just one, I would wish for all of you to focus on all of the small local businesses that you love and frequent them as much as you possibly can,” it reads. “If there’s a restaurant that you think you couldn’t live without in your neighborhood or a small coffee shop or a flower shop, go there, keep them and their families going. Also… WEAR. A. MASK.”

For more information, see the Chzburgr website (for now).