Four Phoenix-Based, Food-Focused TikTok Accounts to Follow Right Now

One byproduct of 2020: A lot more conversations lately contain the phrase “I saw this TikTok the other day…”

There’s more to the app than practiced dancing and weird rants, though. A good chunk of the content is food-related, and some of it’s created right here in Arizona. Here are four local-ish food-related TikTok accounts to follow.


Andrea Blake is the Southwest Sampler. Though Blake’s account isn’t solely dedicated to food, it does make up a large chunk of her content. She often shares restaurant alerts, during which she visits local restaurants (like IL Bosco in Scottsdale) and quickly sums up what menu items she tried. She’s also highlighted a recipe or two, like a recent one for homemade bread. Alongside her food content, Blake’s account offers date ideas, skincare tips, and workout routines — all of which can tie back to food, if you think about it.

Federal Pizza has been featured on Hungry Hotline.EXPAND

Federal Pizza has been featured on Hungry Hotline.

Allison Young


Next up is Hungry Hotline. On this Phoenix-based account, Becca and her fiance Justin take viewers to food stores, restaurants, bakeries, and many places in between in the Valley (think Worth Takeaway, Federal Pizza, and Famous 48). Most videos offer a short introduction of the eatery, followed by a summary of their own dining experience — i.e. what they did or did not enjoy during their time dining. This is an ideal follow if you’re constantly looking for new restaurants to try in metro Phoenix.

Phoenix Coqui in the Melrose District was Hot Spot no. 14.EXPAND

Phoenix Coqui in the Melrose District was Hot Spot no. 14.

Phoenix Coqui


Max Ortega — aka Hot Spot Guy — rides around Arizona looking for his next “Hot Spot.” This is often either a taco stop (like Taqueria Obregon), food truck (like Phoenix Coqui), or some other sort of Southwestern food eatery. HSG’s videos are accompanied by upbeat Latin music or pop, and the restaurants and taco trucks he visits often reflect that same energy. This is a great follow if you’re looking for the hole-in-the-wall places around town serving authentic eats.

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Panther Eats recently gave a shoutout to the kimchi pasta from Katsu.EXPAND

Panther Eats recently gave a shoutout to the kimchi pasta from Katsu.

Jackie Mercandetti Photo


Perhaps the most comprehensive Arizona restaurant-reviewing TikTok account is Panther Eats. This one breaks its reviews up into New Spot Alerts, Hidden Gems, and Takeout Reviews (check out the recent one of Katsu at Asiana Market). Videos are typically under 30 seconds, with quick highlights of the restaurant that are, ahem, easily digestible. Panther Eats also offers the occasional recipe, having made everything from Asian fusion steak to nachos to whipped coffee.

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